I needed someone to get rid of some rubbish, and Sean was first name recommended to me by Todds, the local Real Estate agents and my rental managers.
Sean turned up, singlehandedly lifted up my dead two seater leather sofa, carried it around the side of the house, put it on the back of his ute and then took it to the tip for me.

When he left his brochure behind, I was pleasantly surprised to read such a long and varied list of services,  one of which was clearing guttering, which I needed done a few months later.
Sean completed that task in 3 or 4 hours, before I even got home – and considering it was a big house and the guttering hadn’t been cleaned for ages, I was really happy with that.
You want the work to be done fast, particularly if you’re paying an hourly rate and you’re not home to supervise. And on that note, this means you can trust Sean will give you maximum value for every hour he is there – plus he has a good reasonable hourly rate.

A few weeks later I did some quite major and structural renovations.

Even though I had hired a builder and sub-trades to do most stuff, there were a few jobs that fell through the cracks – where you need more of a handyman/generalist.
‘I know just the guy,’ I told the builder, I booked Sean in for a day when he was next available. Sean is so handy to have around (no pun intended) that a day turned into about 2 weeks worth of work all up, spread over several weeks. The builder was also impressed with Sean and since then they’ve teamed up a few times to do two person jobs at other properties.

Some of the things Sean helped with on my recent reno –
restoring grout in the bathroom (this made the bathroom look like new without needing to re-tile it)
enamel painting a ‘frame’ on a vintage crazed mirror which saved us having to replace the glass putting wall-mates in the walls to hold paintings installing a glass shower screen sorting demolition waste, taking i.e. metals to scrap metal and demolition waste to tip help picking up specific building materials such as a sandstone hearth from the local quarry, or sheets of gib and timber supplies helping the builder now and then for extra muscle/pair of hands or those two-person jobs silicone sealing a variety of paint touchups and hole patching – and many other tasks more numerous to name.

All you really need to know is that Sean is versatile, multi-skilled, a really nice guy (Just like Todd’s told me) charges a reasonable rate, and (just like it says on the packet) is a very reliable handyman!

Wonderful … not just energetic, skilled & punctual but Sean is creative & has good design sense.
He so respected my “aging hippy” wishes to use recycled materials adding to and improving a non-conventional existing structure in the bush.
Sean also swings a mean chainsaw turning my overgrown hazardous jungle into useful firewood.

Susie Edwards
@ Penrose NSW


I am very pleased with the job you did and have received many pleasant remarks on the appearance of my property.

Neill Macmillan
Bundanoon, NSW

We use Sean Whip exclusively for all our property maintenance work. Not only is he punctual and efficient he is also diligent and helpful. We have no hesitation in recommending Sean for all manner of property maintenance.

Richard Paddle
Bundanoon, NSW